Do You Really Want to Make the P90x Transformation Commitment?

If you have heard about the P90x transformation and you think it might be for you, make sure you are ready for a lifestyle change. It is an exercise system that can transform your body into a sleek and trim “beach body” in about 90 days. If and it’s a big if, you make the commitment to completely follow the diet and exercise plan for 90 days, and beyond.The P90x exercise program requires first that you follow a very strict diet. Many people feel that if you work out you can eat whatever you want to. This simply is not the case. Of course working out will reduce the effects of eating junk, it will not however give you the new body you may be looking for. To get the full benefits of the P90x workouts you just have to eat healthy, nutritious foods.

Once you have made the decision to commit to the diet, you than must accept the workouts. If you believed that you would be going to the gym or using heavy weights to build muscles you are going to be surprised to learn that with the P90x exercise system all you need is you. You will be doing the workouts at home with the DVD. It is a 12 DVD set complete with step by step demos.This system uses a combination of different methods to achieve its results. You will be doing cardio and yoga among many other forms of exercise that use the body’s full range of motion. The idea behind this is what they call “muscle confusion”. You see if the body gets used to doing the same things than it reaches “plateaus”. This is where most people give up. Basically, the body gets comfortable with your new level of activity and the benefits from the exercising level off. When you vary the movements, like the P90x exercise system does, you create muscle confusion and avoid these plateaus.

The program calls for about an hour a day, six days a week for 90 days. At the end of 90 days you will have achieved the P90x transformation. Provided you followed the program 100%. It won’t be easy. It takes determination, patience and extreme commitment. You have to decide before you begin that you will make the sacrifice and you will be dedicated. If a ripped body is something you really want, you can have it.